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    Search results

    1. NewYxrk

      Which Prison event is the best?

      Well, it is fun and one of the fairest events on the server because it requires barely any skills.
    2. NewYxrk

      Wapuh's Birthday

      I was on the "Members" tab and I say today (August 30th) was Wapuh's birthday soo.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D:LOL: Everyone comment below "Happy Birthday, Wapuh" to wish him a happy birthday!
    3. NewYxrk


      Honestly, I am but am not at the same time because e will get new players and stuff but at the same time, it will take away players from Prison. Same, I've never played SkyBlock on this server yet so I wonder what makes this SkyBlock different from the others.
    4. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Yeah, what the hell?
    5. NewYxrk

      Which Prison event is the best?

    6. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Exactly. How?
    7. NewYxrk

      Which Prison event is the best?

      I said parkour because it's more fair than drop parties, mine parties, and purges.
    8. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      I never bought those. I'd make my own, lmao. I almost threw up when I read that lmao. That sounds disgusting, even with chocolate milk.
    9. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      I make my own lmao.
    10. NewYxrk

      Thank you ejuke for making my signature!

      He made mine too, I love it!
    11. NewYxrk

      iPhone vs Android

      Yeah, especially in China I'm pretty sure. Though, Apple is the best and forever will be, unless one day an android company comes out with some shit like 7G lmao and like Ultra 9K picture qualities. :LOL:
    12. NewYxrk

      Prison Lucky Pickaxe

      :D HomeGoods said he's going to look into the suggestion and I'm super excited if it does get added into Byte. Originally I thought this was a dumb suggestion but apparently, a lot of people liked it. :LOL:
    13. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      You really added images lmao. Whatever, nothing will change my decision that Chocolate Milk is the best. At least Chocolate Milk doesn't have the sour option of "pulp".
    14. NewYxrk

      Making Signatures for free!

      Your signatures are slick so don't mind if I do, lmao. I added you!
    15. NewYxrk


      Well this I don't agree with. Just certain parts of it are useless, not like 90% lmao.
    16. NewYxrk

      Ban Ejuke's Exploit Ban Appeal.

      Good Luck! :D
    17. NewYxrk


      Exactly. I go to one of top CTEA schools in New York by just doing my work and getting 90+. Literally, did like 30-40 homeworks the whole year and still got accepted into a top CTEA school. You don't need homework to get high grades, right now it's just interfering with the grade and preventing...
    18. NewYxrk

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      It's fucking delicious what do you mean!? You don't need reasoning except or how frickin delicious it is!
    19. NewYxrk


      Blah Blah Blah. As soon as I saw "Study's have shown" I was done lmao. I don't care, I didn't do any homework this year and still passed with an 80 because I get high grades in everything else.
    20. NewYxrk

      Ban Server Ban Appeal

      Sorry, but you can't be bias here. Good Luck Poseidon! :D