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    1. ejuke

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Chocolate milk is nasty asf
    2. ejuke

      Ban TidePlaysMc Ban appeal

    3. ejuke

      iPhone vs Android

      click on his signature xD
    4. ejuke

      Welcome to byte - you seem like a nice person gl!

      Welcome to byte - you seem like a nice person gl!
    5. ejuke

      A Bearly Welcome to the Community!

      Welcome back!
    6. ejuke

      Hi koogle...

      Yo Milner! Welcome back. I have heard your name before just can't set my finger on it.
    7. ejuke

      Prison Lucky Pickaxe

      Good suggestion! Am in
    8. ejuke

      There should be a ByteMc video section

    9. ejuke

      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Prison ofc
    10. ejuke

      iPhone vs Android

      AndroidFTW please don't kill me :c I have Samsung earbuds, and a Samsung s9 my s10 got stolen.
    11. ejuke

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Orange Juice and apple juice is the best I drink that every morning with some "Granola" with some yogurt Norwegian products btw :c :)
    12. ejuke

      Hello there!

      Hello there!
    13. ejuke

      Welcome back apples <3

      Welcome back apples <3
    14. ejuke

      Making Signatures for free!

      Making signatures as mine for you guys. DM me on discord! ejuke#0001 am in byte disc!
    15. ejuke


      sorry but 90 % of school is useless
    16. ejuke

      Ban Ejuke's Exploit Ban Appeal.

      Your IGN: Ejuke Your Discord Tag: Ejuke#0001 Punishment Type: Permanent Ban When where you punished?: 2019-08-19 Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): File attached Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): I believe I deserve to be unbanned since I have given...