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    1. HomeGoods

      Global Maintenance

      If you are attempting to connect to the server and can not, please note that Prison & Skyblock are currently under development for Season 9 & Season 2. Thanks! HomeGoods ByteMC Owner
    2. HomeGoods

      Prison Lucky Pickaxe

      Hi there, NewYxrk! As stated previously, I would look into adding this. I have since added LuckyMiner I on the Lucky Pickaxe! Enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion! Note: Old Lucky Pickaxe's will not be updated. You must obtain one from now on to receive LuckyMiner I on it.
    3. HomeGoods

      Ban Automining Luckyblocks at /P h freemines

      Ban appeal declined Please follow the proper format here. Also, do not Discord DM me you submitted it. We will get to it. Thanks HomeGoods ByteMC Owner
    4. HomeGoods

      Ban Falsebanned for Abusing Exploits(Appeal #2)

      ImaBwe, The staff team has received your punishment appeal and will be locking the thread until a conclusion has been reached. Your result will be commented by a member of the Senior Staff shortly, please be patient! Thanks, HomeGoods ByteMC Owner
    5. HomeGoods


    6. HomeGoods

      Happy Birthday!

      Happy Birthday!
    7. HomeGoods


      I am super excited to see how this season of Skyblock is going to go, especially because it's going to be brand new!
    8. HomeGoods

      Ban Congo's discord appeal

      Hi Congo442, The staff team & I have been heavily reviewing your appeal here. Unfortunately, we do not see you fit to come back on ByteMc’s Discord, reasons being: We overall haven’t seen an improvement with the toxicity. We’ve noticed instances where you join the server and state things such...
    9. HomeGoods

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      I cannot believe you said this.
    10. HomeGoods

      Official Report Abuse Format / Report Abuse - Staff Format

      Hello there! If you're having trouble with a player breaking the rules, or a staff member abusing/breaking the rules, you have come to the right place. Below are the formats for reporting a player and/or staff member. Ensure it gets posted in the proper section. Note: If you have an issue with...
    11. HomeGoods

      Global ByteMC Rules (Last Updated 08/31/2019)

      PLEASE NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any point. This will be made clear by the title of this thread and #changelog on the ByteMC Discord. Note: Our Discord rules are found on our Discord in the channel #rules-and-information. Forum Rules: All general in-game rules apply that can...
    12. HomeGoods

      Official Bug Report Template

      Please use this template when reporting a bug here. Bugs are private to prevent exploit. Exploiting bugs will result in proper punishment(s). Another way to submit a bug report would be a ticket on our Discord. Your In-Game Name: Bug/Issue (Detailed Explanation): Server Issue Occurred On...
    13. HomeGoods

      Ban Ejuke's Exploit Ban Appeal.

      ejuke, I am giving you one last chance. I have been extremely lenient with your punishments; however, this time I am only unbanning you since you have been helping us out with this bug and giving us information. Your ban has been reduced to a 2 week tempban. Due to your history, if you’re...
    14. HomeGoods

      Welcome back to the Staff Team! Glad you joined back (:

      Welcome back to the Staff Team! Glad you joined back (:
    15. HomeGoods

      Official Punishment Appeal Format

      When Appealing a punishment you must follow the format listed below. Faliure to do this will result in an automatic denial of your appeal. Please wait three weeks between appeals. When making your thread please select a Thread prefix, and choose one of the following: Ban Tempban Mute Tempmute...
    16. HomeGoods

      Official Staff Application Format

      When applying for Helper on ByteMC you must follow the guidelines and format posted below. This is necessary to see how you would perform in real situations on the server. Failure to follow the instructions listed below (Including how to deal with the title of your Application) will result in a...
    17. HomeGoods

      Ban Server Ban Appeal

      Hi Poseidon372, To start off, I'm not necessarily sure what was 'clouding your judgment'. For somebody that was intentionally renaming bombs to level 55, I have a good feeling you knew exactly what you were doing. As for this is the only server that you play on - why were you abusing it then...
    18. HomeGoods

      Ban Discord Ban appeal

      Declined - asking staff to read
    19. HomeGoods

      Prison Lucky Pickaxe

      Thank you for your suggestion! This will be looked into.
    20. HomeGoods

      Warning False warning

      Hi Cudlee! I apologize for this inconvenience that happened. As Dan stated above, you did technically imply that we did something to lose the players, so I cannot remove your warning; however, it has just come to my attention about the staff member not being professional and shouting at you...