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    1. ilikeapples

      Ban Falsebanned for Abusing Exploits(Appeal #2)

      Hello ImaBwe, The SrStaff team has decided to unban you from the server and discord. Just note that if they are any bugs or glitches on the server it is your responsibility to tell a member of the staff team immediately! Thanks, ilikeapples ByteMC Senior Moderator
    2. ilikeapples


    3. ilikeapples

      Ban TidePlaysMc Ban appeal

      Hello TidePlaysMc, Thanks for creating this appeal! However, we have decided to decline it today because there is evidence of you griefing ./p h Freemines a few days ago. I will dm you this evidence as it does show your IP. You may appeal again in one week. Senior Moderator, ilikeapples
    4. ilikeapples

      Which Prison event is the best?

      Purge is the most enjoying for me as you get to pvp (:
    5. ilikeapples

      Thank you ejuke for making my signature!

      Thank you ejuke for making this signature for me! It was free, Fast delivery, and a very profesional signature. You guys should dm him if you want a signature made! ejuke's discord - ejuke#0001
    6. ilikeapples

      Alright dm me

      Alright dm me
    7. ilikeapples


    8. ilikeapples

      iPhone vs Android

      I am a huge apple fan 😇
    9. ilikeapples

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Orange juice
    10. ilikeapples

      Prison Lucky Pickaxe

      Lucky pick should be in one of the mobdust crates / Legendary+ keys and just have lm 2 or 3 in it.
    11. ilikeapples

      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Depends. Sometimes I enjoy prisons more then sb and sometimes I prefer sb over prison.
    12. ilikeapples

      First Post

      Hello Marvin!
    13. ilikeapples