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      iPhone vs Android

      I think in the United States Apple is the biggest company but internationally it’s android.
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      Your course work also matters, my course work today is mostly college level classes this year so it will be harder. Last year it was much lighter and easier; and so having a perfect average was relatively easy to say the least.
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      School is too unpractical. It’s too much material taught and too little used in the real world. A 4.0 gpa or perfect grades doesn’t make you a smart person; it only makes you a smart student. Trust me, as someone who’s had perfect grades for consistent years and is looking to go to an Ivy League...
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      iPhone vs Android

      Which company do you guys/girls prefer? Apple or Samsung/Android? Personally I’m a huge apple fan and own almost all of their products including an iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple Music, iPad, and MacBook. Let me know!
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      Ban Server Ban Appeal

      I’ve seen you on the server for a super long time and you’re definitely one of the top players on it. You were even a trainee at one point! I definitely hope that you get unbanned because other than this one instance, you’ve been 100% clean in terms of punishments and breaking the rules; this...
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      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Prison, skyblock is also good though
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      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Orange juice after brushing your teeth
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      First Post

      btw, welcome everyone to the new forums!
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      First Post

      First Post by a player -Marvin