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      Ban FilleeeE Punishment Appeal

      our IGN: FilleeeE Your Discord Tag: mohamed1#4576 Punishment Type: Permanently banned When were you punished?: 2019-09-07 Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): https://gyazo.com/000703538e632cd81c2a7e01f41644e8 Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): A. its...
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      Ban Automining Luckyblocks at /P h freemines

      Hello my name is Filip and i just got banned today for using autominer. This appeal wont be that long since im not very good at english. Ok so i needed some more bytokens and i didnt want to farm so i thought it was a good idea to download a hacked client to farm luckyblocks easier. I got the...