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    1. Shoneh


    2. Shoneh

      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Yeah, I don't mind skyblock at all, most of the time I prefer prisons though, feels good to have a mine about.
    3. Shoneh

      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Sounds good, I like mining like crazy, makes me feel like I am playing that other game called Minecraft! Oh wait..
    4. Shoneh

      Prison VS. SkyBlock

      Prison, ALL THE WAY! I joined byte a couple of years back with my cousin, we had a blast on this server, seems he has developed, and gotten over Minecraft, on the other hand, I am still spending a lot of my time on the server, lol. I doubt anything could beat it to my extent.
    5. Shoneh


      I prefer school over the boring life, of not doing anything at all, but the only issue is the homework. Usually, there is too much of it, and I get it's actually quite good for showing teachers what you have learnt, but they do go overboard with screaming at their pupils when they do not deliver...
    6. Shoneh

      iPhone vs Android

      Honestly, I can be given either one, and live quite happily with either product, sure, Apple does have a few more services to it, but android isn't TERRIBLE, right? :D
    7. Shoneh

      Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

      Definitely chocolate milkshake, the texture is so gooood! Just something hot to drink when you're down. Feels quite relaxing after a while, never gets better honestly.
    8. Shoneh

      Which Prison event is the best?

      Personally, I enjoy Mine Party the most, as it is just the most enjoyable for me! :D Perhaps, Prison is my favorite gamemode, and always enjoyed that sort of thing.
    9. Shoneh

      1.8 VS. 1.9+

      Hello there, always been a big fan of Minecraft 1.8. Pretty much played it ever since it came out, it's been the best version to my extent, (played it ever since I played Byte in probably late 2016/beginning of 2017). I love some of the upper versions; however, have small bugs, that may take too...
    10. Shoneh

      Ban Griefing Ban appeal.

      Your IGN: Shothanks Your Discord Tag: Shothanks#4076 Punishment Type: Permanent Ban When where (were**) you punished?: England: 01/10/2019 - 18:59 | US: 10/01/2019 - 1:59 Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): Griefing & Xray Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three...