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    1. Soul_Fate

      Skyblock season 2!

      Skyblock has been up for a couple day now! How is everyone liking it so far? Tell me about your time on it.
    2. Soul_Fate


      Are you guys looking forward to skyblock? (The date is not determined )
    3. Soul_Fate

      Which Prison event is the best?

      Feel free to talk about why or just vote.
    4. Soul_Fate


      I want to know how you feel about school. This is NOT to say that you hate school. I want you to debate about the parts of school that is necessary and which parts are useless
    5. Soul_Fate


      I want to see what you are making on your plot's. If you have build something cool, amazing or fun then feel free to show us here! You can also say the /P h (name) if it is a maze or parkour.