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Your IGN: iiSkinnyYT

Your Discord Tag: iiSkinny#6282

Punishment Type: Permanently IP Banned

When were you punished?: ip advertising in dms

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
Ban IP Proof.PNG
Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
1: i have waiting for a full week, I have learned that I should not advertise or post ip's to other servers in dm's in ByteMC, I will never post an ip ever again.
2: I haven't intended on breaking the rules of the sever, me and my friend wanted to 1v1 in a different server, I told him the ip to confirm that it was the right one, it wasn't and we both got banned.
3: I will never advertise an ip on the bytemc network ever again, I have learned my lesson since this is the only server that I generally enjoy and the only server that I would spend hours and days on just to have fun.
4: This server is one of the best servers that I have ever played on, it is so easy to get used to and the pmines is going to make me play so much more.
5: I love that the staff and owner puts so much effort into the server and that they make differences constantly to make you keep playing and it works
6: Thank you for your time .


Hi iiSkinny! Thanks for appealing. The ByteMC Staff Team has looked into your appeal and we have decided to unban you. However if you do this again then the punishment will be worse and harder to appeal for.

Thanks for your time,
ByteMC Sr.Mod
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