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Your IGN: lazy_diamonds

Your Discord Tag: Preston_The_Ice_Wizard#1618

Punishment Type: Perm Ban

When were you punished?: 2020-01-12

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): Vote Exploiting - Multiple IP's

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): I was banned for voting/attempting to vote on multiple IP's. I originally attempted to vote for my alt that day because I had not voted for that account yet, this vote was only to trigger the voteparty and not to transfer any items to my main account, because I clearly knew that would be cheating or exploiting votes. I am extremely sorry that i tried to exploit, I know what I did was wrong and I swear not to violate or try to violate any sort or rule again, I looked at the rules multiple times and I will go over the rulebook and ask a staff member before ever acting again if I do get unbanned. I have had time to reflect on my actions and because I tried to vote for my alt when I originally attempted the exploit, I will probably never have my alt on again. I'm truly sorry that I came out insincere earlier, but I think that it was more difficult to sound nicer when I am also trying to be formal. I am fully understanding in that what I did was and still is wrong and will not be trying to do so in the future if unbanned. If this is not accepted I will repeal again and you will know I am a man of my word. I thoroughly enjoy playing on this server and do understand that it is a privilege and not a right. As I had joined a very long time ago, so long that I do not remember when, I didn't expect my time on the server to sadly go down like this. I certainly do respect you and the other staff members, and I respect your decision to ban me. I just hope that I will be unbanned one day, as I have supported this server (as a member and not a donor) and will continue to support it. I truly love this server and will be sorry to see it go, I hope you will grant mercy on me and unban me as I have wronged this server and I understand that I have and how I did and how I will prevent it. Real talk for a second, I just want to play on this server now, I don't really care if I do well. I like the community and want to be around them. I don't really care if I am left behind trailing with economy, of course I want to do well, but it isn't more important to me than being at the risk of a ban, so you can trust me when I say I won't do it again. I know this is lengthy and you probably don't want to read it but I see it as proof of my sincerity in saying I will never think about doing this again. I love and respect this entire community and really don't want to see it go. Thank you.


Hi Beyonix! Thanks for appealing. The ByteMC Staff Team has looked into your appeal and we have decided to approve your ban appeal.

Thanks for your time,
ByteMC Sr.Mod
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