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Your IGN: eawsyMatthew

Your Discord Tag: easyMatthew#9620

Punishment Type: perm ban

When were you punished?:

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): ip advertising

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): i want to be unbanned because 1st of all it's my favourite ever i ever played ad you can see from my pruchases, i've applied to become a staff member and help the community and i wrote that dman ip by accident in fact instantly after that "advertise" i apoligized to everyone explaninig that i didn't mean to send it in chat but only copy it to go on that server to advertise bytemc. and also my "advertise" would be useless if i rly meant to do it because the guy that I REPORTED for ip advertise did it 1 minute before my error, i love this server i would never break any rule and you know this i also was the most active player in season 8 and 9 so please, don't be this cruel with me for a mistake for which i apologized instantly after



Don’t advertise ByteMC on other server, that just makes them look bad.
If it was a mistake you should be unbanned. Up 2 Soul though.


Hello easyMatthew! We will reduce your ban to seven days, however this is unacceptable behaviour and we will not accept it if it happens again in the future! If posting the IP was an honest mistake then we are willing to look past that, however going on to other servers and posting our IP gives us a bad name and we would highly recommend against it!

- Thanks Dan564987
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