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  • Chocolate Milk Vs. Orange Juice

    In this debate you have to discuss your opinion on which liquid option you prefer to drink. Make sure to provide research, quotes and cite things as needed.
    Definitely Chocolate Milk because personally to me, I don't like the bitterness in some of the Orange Juices where they have pulp and the ones without the pulp uses a ton of sugar to cover it up which is super sweet.
    Same but when it comes to store bought chocolate milk ima have to pick chocolate milk
    I've never bought Chocolate Milk from the store so I don't know how those taste. As I've said, the only Chocolate Milk I've tasted was from the cafeteria and the ones that my mom makes my mixing the Nesquik into them lmao.


    Senior Moderator
    Senior Moderator
    You need to look at it this way. If you are going to sit down to and have a fun time on bytemc, which drink would be better. orange juice will always win there.