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    Warning False warning

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    Your IGN:Cudlee

    Your Discord Tag: Cudlee#1295 but banned from discord

    Punishment Type: Got warned for no reason

    When where you punished?: 16.08.2019

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
    Screenshot_83.png Screenshot_84.png Screenshot_85.png
    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
    Because as bearly clearly said this does not stand in the rules as toxicity. It doesen't even say it in /rules i wasen't toxic twowards any player i just said that Bytemc has been losing players lately. I used to play in s1 -2 when it had 100+ players and now it has dropped down, thats why i said it. So i want to appeal for my warnings to get removed. I would also like to report this staff member for punishing me for no reason, and being aggresiv twowards me in a call where i asked her to explain why i got warned. Where she also said the rule wasen't at /rules. She even screamed at me in the mic even tough i told her to calm down and then she makes an excuse and leaves the call. I'm staff on Vanitymc with a 1-2k player base and i clearly understand that this is not proffesional. A staff member should be calm and explain the situation instead she raised her voice and said that i got punished for someting that wasen't even in the rule. Clearly what i said wasen't in the surcomstanses for toxicity. Thank you for taking your time to read this Warn appeal, and i hope you understand my sistuation. <3-Ps Cudlee :)
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    After reviewing the case and the fact it's a warning , no further action will be taken. As there is a slight dig at the end with "gg". Implying that we've done something wrong in making these players leave. -Dan


    Owner & Website Developer
    Site Admin
    Hi Cudlee!

    I apologize for this inconvenience that happened. As Dan stated above, you did technically imply that we did something to lose the players, so I cannot remove your warning; however, it has just come to my attention about the staff member not being professional and shouting at you, which I will be investigating with the Senior Moderation team. Like it states in chat, that warning will expunge from your record in 7 days and not appear, for future reference.

    Thanks again for letting us know and I apologize about the situation.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Discord: HomeGoods#1804

    ByteMC Owner

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