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    Your IGN: bandolier
    Your Discord Tag: bandolier#8768
    Punishment Type: IP-Ban
    When where you punished?: OPPrison
    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): https://i.badlion.net/s8cQmoswH3SifkaC2qCQVn.png https://i.badlion.net/iHHD832YtnPpMj6bBsjCMj.png
    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
    My friend placed a Snow Golem on Bearly's plot.
    He said that Bearly would be cool with it.
    HE IS
    I made a joke being like "he loves the winter, his birthday is in December"
    I got banned for
    "Leaking Personal Information"
    The forums legit asks for your LOCATION + BIRTHDAY + AGE
    A birthday month isn't personal, and by coincidence, it actually is his birthday month, I'm gonna be honest, also, he doesn't care, it's legit on his activity on the forums.
    Soul_Fate banned me, the day he got mod.
    If I'm staying banned and he still has his mod, I'm gonna be confused.
    I'm salty because of how bs this is.
    Also I wanna see any other staff respond to this besides him, just to see what they have to say.
    Hi bandolier!

    Like stated in the ticket, I understand you are frustrated. Please note our staff members are trained to provide the best experience for members here at ByteMC. I have accepted your appeal, and will be unbanning you. Words mean a lot, and it is hard to perceive context over text. Please be careful what you say and ensure to follow our rules.

    ByteMC Owner
    Not open for further replies.