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  • Ban Mystic_Creations Punishment Appeal

    Your IGN:

    Your Discord Tag:

    Punishment Type:
    Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?:
    About a year ago

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
    Being toxic/Causing Drama. Do not have a screenshot.

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
    It has been around a year since my last and final ban from Byte. After the global unban I have come back to the server and still enjoy it. I'm planning on getting back to playing a lot, to stay in touch and be connected with the community I would like to get involved on discord again aswell. To stay updated with any updates, suggestions aswell as hanging out and talking to everyone. It feels like a part is missing when not being able to hang out in discord. I understand I was wrong in the past, and I am sorry to anyone who I have affected. I also understand that ingame I am being watched by staff, and even the smallest rule broken means I will be banned again. That's how the global urban works ingame, and I am hoping I will be allowed back on discord under the same terms.

    Once again, sorry to everyone. I regret all of the mistakes I have made.

    Kind Regards,
    After speaking to you in-game and on discord I believe you are being truthful about changing. I have since unbanned you from the discord - Don't make me regret this!

    Appeal Accepted