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  • Ban Ejuke's Exploit Ban Appeal.

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    New member
    Your IGN: Ejuke

    Your Discord Tag: Ejuke#0001

    Punishment Type: Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?: 2019-08-19

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): File attached

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): I believe I deserve to be unbanned since I have given HomeGoods all the information about exploits, and everything else (ask HomeGoods for proof if needed.). I wasn't toxic last time, I was behaving good, helping players however, I knew what I was doing and it is stupid that I thought that I was going to get away with this. However, I have tried to help HomeGoods and tell him all the bugs and exploits and much more. I believe that I deserve to be unbanned since I have kinda done everything I can to remove the exploits, I have tried to give tips on how to fix it. I swear to never use exploits again and I know it is stupid it isn't looking very good for me. But I hope you are going to give me one LAST chance for LAST time. I want to be banned from EVERYTHING if I do something stupid again such as: being toxic, breaking any rule (even if it is just a small rule) and I want to be temp banned for 7 days if I get warned one time even if it is a small warning. I also want to apologize to @HomeGoods because if I just reported the exploit it would have been fixed and everything would have gone smoothly. I will report. I also want to give some credit to @Dan564987 who always was on the server, this exploit would have been used much more if he wouldn't be so active. If you need any other information about the exploit(s) dm me on discord: ejuke#0001
    Have a good day - Ejuke



    I am giving you one last chance. I have been extremely lenient with your punishments; however, this time I am only unbanning you since you have been helping us out with this bug and giving us information. Your ban has been reduced to a 2 week tempban. Due to your history, if you’re banned again, you will be blacklisted.
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