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    Your IGN:

    Your Discord Tag:

    Punishment Type:
    Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?:
    19 August 2019

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
    Abusing exploits(apparently due to telling Poseidon372 I used /rename to get money?

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
    I was falsely banned.

    Firstly, when there was a /rename glitch, I was still a newbie and only venom_myst knew about it and abused it, how can someone rankless without any donations etc get /rename to abuse for money lmfao? doesn't make any fucking sense right? It has been patched WAYYYYY before i've gotten King rank on the server. I only got /rename from King rank...so tell me, how did I get to 10T as a rankless person at the start of Season 6? Obviously I couldn't have exploited anything lmfao

    Secondly, the WHOLE community has been spamming me for months, how am i supposed to reply to them? Am i supposed to be direct and tell them how i make money so efficiently? This is ESPECIALLY APPLIES for MANY PLAYERS INCLUDING Poseidon372 whereby he keeps fucking pestering me(as a staff member? what a joke)
    *He stopped pestering me after he became staff for awhile until that day he still came to fucking annoy me as seen in the video

    Thirdly, I personally DO NOT like Poseidon372, this is a well-known fact that members of the ByteMC community knows if they talk to me. You may ask the community and you will find that some thinks i'm close while others think i hate him, this is because I talk shit behind his back to some people whom I trust(yea fuck you Poseidon372)

    Fourthly, I have proven to Koogle1000(THE OWNER HIMSELF) how I got my money in Season 6/7(I forgotten) BUT the fact is there, I have proven to him how I earnt 10T in 50minutes and he himself knows it. @Koogle1000 please be the judge.

    Fifthly, No fucking idiot will exploit money in such a way to get himself banned? I have once owned 50% of the total server's economy, now tell me which degenerate would do such a thing? And at that timestamp I never gotten banned even if some people were to report me? Why is this so? Because all the staff knows I didn't abuse any exploits lol

    Sixthly, IF i had been exploiting a bug all this time, why wouldn't any staff know? I am VERY sure that there are staff members whom wonder how I earn my money and secretly go into /v to stalk my methods of making money now and then. Even so, they do not have ANY evidence of me doing so.

    Seventhly, I can still state many reasons but i'll just leave it here...if you put yourself in my shoes you will understand where I'm coming from, and no, I strongly deny the claim that I earnt money through exploits.

    I sincerely hope my case would be well investigated by the staff team, thank you for your support. I also hope that ALL the staff members wouldn't be so money-deluded like Poseidon372 to be such an ass who tries methods to eliminate your rivals etc. I also hope that ByteMC wouldn't recruit such staff members who's so into the economy too.

    *Please do not start any hate against HomeGoods for falsebanning me, if I were him, due to Poseidon372's manipulations of trying to get me banned as i'm his most threatening economy rival ;)
    Also, to discredit Poseidon372 for his words, you may refer to this video :)
    Poseidon372 collaborating with richest player to get staff lmfao



    Ban appeal denied
    Through out you whole application it made serval mentions to certain players and with that came a flurry of disrespect, despite how you may feel about certain players. It is not acceptable at all for there to be such a level of disrespect towards them. You may re-appeal in 7 days and next time make sure there is no disrespect at ALL towards certain players

    Administrator for ByteMC

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