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    Global ByteMC Rules (Last Updated 08/31/2019)

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    Owner of ByteMC
    PLEASE NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any point. This will be made clear by the title of this thread and #changelog on the ByteMC Discord.

    Note: Our Discord rules are found on our Discord in the channel #rules-and-information.

    Forum Rules:
    • All general in-game rules apply that can apply to the forums.
    • Do not multipost
      • Posting more than one post in a row is not allowed since it makes it take longer for others to view posts below yours, as well as message boosting.
      • If there is an update to a topic, and no one has yet mentioned it, you are allowed to post more than once in a row.
      • We have an edit button for a reason, please use that instead of multiposting.
      • We understand that accidents happen sometimes, so don’t worry about being in trouble for multiposting the same message due to phone/internet issues.
    • Do not replicate or repost a thread
    • Do not grave-dig/necropost
      • Posting on old threads that serve no purpose is unnecessary and gives people unneeded alerts.
      • If a thread has gone one month without any new posts, it is considered old and posting on it will be considered necroposting.
      • If the thread is still relevant and important, you may necropost.
    • Do not post pointless threads/posts
      • Threads/posts that serve no purpose other than spamming, starting arguements, or point boosting are not allowed.
      • Examples being replying to things saying "First!"
    • Do not frequently bump threads
      • You may only bump a thread once every 3 days and you may not multi-post
    • Post all posts in the proper section
    • Do not repost a post or thread has been deleted
      • Threads are deleted for a reason.
      • This includes locked threads.
    • Keep private conversations private
      • We offer a DM function on our forums!
    • Screamers, offensive, pornographic, and sexual material is not allowed
    • Maliciously boosting for likes is against the rules
      • This includes:
        • Asking your friends to like your post(s)
        • Creating alternate account(s) to like your post(s)

    Prison In-Game Rules:
    • Upon joining ByteMC you agree to these rules.
    • Keep swearing to a minimum. Bypassing blocked words is not permitted.
    • No Hacking.
    • Do not advertise other servers or services
    • Sending or spreading any form of IP grabbers or scam links is not allowed.
    • Do not use a hacked client.
    • Do not spam in chat or spam players/staff in PM or in /mail.
    • Do not lie about abusing exploits or anything involved in breaking the rules.
    • Scamming is not allowed.
    • No harassment of any type towards staff or players.
    • No racist, sexist, prejudicial or generally bigoted comments.
    • No duplication of items/currency of any kind. If you find any sort of duplication glitch notify staff members.
    • No form of block glitching.
    • English only in public chat.
    • Any form of griefing is not allowed.
    • You must listen to all staff members and follow any rules given from them, even if they are not stated in /rules.
    • Charging back on previous Buycraft purchases is not allowed.
    • Lag machines are not allowed.
    • Continuous toxicity is not allowed.
    • Using multiple accounts to say the same message in a small matter of time is not allowed.
    • Sharing others personal information in any way is not allowed.
    • Inappropriate skins/names are not allowed.
    • Ban evading is a permanent ban from the server.
    • Any form of manipulation is not allowed.
    • Encouraging others to break the rules for you or in general is not allowed.
    • Staff impersonation is not allowed.
    • You may not use more than 5 alternate accounts, and may not use alternate accounts to boost your main account.
    • No Charging Direct IRL Money in exchange for anything not limited to services, items, and access. (Purchasing items through the store for others in exchange for access is allowed)
    • Use common sense.
    Skyblock In-Game Rules:
    Coming Soon (Check back on Skyblock Season 2 Release Date, will be posted on Discord!)
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