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  • Ban Congo's discord appeal

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    Your IGN: Congo442

    Your Discord Tag: Congo442#0027

    Punishment Type: Banned on discord for toxicity

    When where you punished?: 11/08/2019

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):

    I agree i was being toxic at that time. However i have changed and by not being on the discord means i miss out on updates. Even just making it so i can only read messages would be better than not on it at all. At the time was when the Player 'Fawks' was given Manager and i was just expressing my opinion on what i thought. And i'm not here to go yes i was right now unban me from the discord because that would be stupid.
    Hi Congo442,
    The staff team & I have been heavily reviewing your appeal here. Unfortunately, we do not see you fit to come back on ByteMc’s Discord, reasons being:

    • We overall haven’t seen an improvement with the toxicity. We’ve noticed instances where you join the server and state things such as “this is fun” and then disconnect, not even being connected for a minute.
    • Next, we understand you want to keep up to date with ByteMc; however, you don’t show interest of the server and you have your own server, which you could easily use Byte as a recruiting platform.

    If you wish to reappeal, please give it at least 3 weeks.

    Byte Owner
    Not open for further replies.