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  • Ban Falsebanned for Abusing Exploits(Appeal #2)

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    Your IGN:

    Your Discord Tag:

    Punishment Type:
    Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?:
    19 August 2019

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
    Abusing exploits(apparently due to telling Poseidon372 I used /rename to get money?

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
    Before I explain everything in detail, I sincerely apologise for the previous ban appeal whereby I have been profoundly toxic. It was my misdeed as I was just indignant about my unjustified ban.
    When I logged onto Minecraft to check out what's happening in ByteMC after leaving for a long time on 23 Aug, I realised I was banned for exploiting bugs, I immediately thought that it was because of the conversation with Poseidon. Therefore the profound toxicity in the ban appeal.
    Here are reasons why I could not have done the exploit that Howey,Poseidon and the other player found out about.
    1)If I was abusing bugs, why would I not be low-key? Instead I flaunted off my wealth ostentatiously throughout my time in ByteMC, all purposely done to capture everyone's attention. Howey Poseidon and the other guy got caught in days, I have never abused such exploits, therefore I was never caught even after playing on ByteMC for months. It is within my hands that I, as a person am very arrogant.(everyone knows)
    2)I already told everyone I wouldn't be playing in Season 8 due to my end-of-year examinations, it is a really huge examination for me and I don't have any time to invest into ByteMC, I even gave all my pickaxes to ilikeapples. You can check my inventory,backpacks,echest or anywhere, the fact i there, I have decided not to play this season. If i knew about the bug I wouldn't have quit since money is such an ease. Look at how Howey got 20T in mere 3 days...at the start of the season! I only start to get rich after the first week as my method of making money is thoroughly different. Even if I had my end-of-year examinations and money was such an ease to earn, I wouldn't have quit as I am not an avid fan of Howey or Poseidon and do not wish to see them controlling the economy.(due to past Season 7 conflicts - players can also vouch)
    4)The owners and developers and check the logs, I have never used /rename to rename ByteBombs. I did try in the past when I first got /rename but it didn't work. The players playing in Season 6 whereby I climbed from rankless to Quantum free-to-play in a season can vouch for me, Although I was not the richest at that time, I was one of the richest - starting from being rankless.
    There are many other logical reasons that can prove me innocent from this case, I really do hope the ByteMC community considers my unban as it is an unjustifiable ban. I have also not broken much rules prior to my leave in Season 8 as I have logged on less frequently and also held the rules in high regards. Thank you.


    The staff team has received your punishment appeal and will be locking the thread until a conclusion has been reached. Your result will be commented by a member of the Senior Staff shortly, please be patient!

    ByteMC Owner
    Hello ImaBwe,
    The SrStaff team has decided to unban you from the server and discord. Just note that if they are any bugs or glitches on the server it is your responsibility to tell a member of the staff team immediately!

    ByteMC Senior Moderator
    Not open for further replies.