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    Ban Automining Luckyblocks at /P h freemines

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    Hello my name is Filip and i just got banned today for using autominer. This appeal wont be that long since im not very good at english.

    Ok so i needed some more bytokens and i didnt want to farm so i thought it was a good idea to download a hacked client to farm luckyblocks easier. I got the client and i started my autominer. i went to get some food and 20 minutes later i had goten 8 bytetokens, some bytebombs and gapples.
    But when i looked up there was an admin who witnessed everything and instantly banned me for life. i Really regret doing this now since i really enjoy this server . I have purchased donator Rank. luxe pickaxe and fly. This is my first ban on any server and it really sucks i thought it was a good idea to download a hacked client and play with it on the only server I enjoy playing on.
    I know hacking is very bad but i dont feel like i deserve to get a permanent ban since i had only sat there for about 20 minutes and mods had watched the entire thing happen. i would really appreciate getting unbanned with a warning or just lower my ban to like 1 month instead of perma. I have learned my lesson and i will never use a 3rd party program for advantages ever again.

    Thank you for reading my appeal. IGN FilleeeE


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    Ban appeal declined
    Please follow the proper format here.
    Also, do not Discord DM me you submitted it. We will get to it.

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