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    Tempban temp Ban one week for scamming

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    Your IGN: bandolier

    Your Discord Tag: bandolier#8768

    Punishment Type: 7d Tempban

    When where you punished?: 9/26/2019 9:30 P.M (approx.)

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): https://i.badlion.net/iJp5QoJbfjscFJDidrjXDc.png

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): Okay, don't be confused. He spelled "spamming" incorrectly. It was meant to be scamming. I said if "Soul_Fate" dm'd me on Discord, the Disord alias of "Soul_Fate" and not "soul.fate" dm'd me on Discord I would /pay FearRunner 100b
    I said "100b" MULTIPLE times without once saying "100 bil, 100 billion, or $100,000,000,000" AND THIS WAS TO HINT THE JOKE. He probably knew, so I did "/pay FearRunner 100b" exact, LIKE I SAID I WOULD PREVIOUSLY. Anyway, I was then banned. He hopped on his main account, and waited a literal minute to ban me. Making me think he was just logging in to scare me, but some clown can't take a joke and false bans me. AGAIN. Last time he bs banned me I was unbanned within the hour, both times he forces me to make an appeal, he makes me waste my time. I have a busy life and he knows it, he doesn't care. I'll get unbanned, he'll laugh at the time I wasted typing this over me not failing Algebra. Point being, just unban me. I'm not even bothering. I don't want his response. Not one message to this before I get a shortage/unban/denial, so he can't be bias towards keeping me off the server. Someone really can't take a joke ffs...


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    Site Admin
    I want to point out that you constantly come on the server and try to, by your definition, "joke around". I don't have a problem with sarcasm or joking, but when you come on every day and do it, and you're not being funny while doing it, rather making jokes about the server being dead server and whatnot. Just because you say "jk" doesn't mean it's justified. The constant toxicity or overall "smartass attitude" needs to cease. You were given a chance being unbanned previously, so any more issues and I will reactivate that permanent ban punishment.

    ByteMC Owner
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