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  • Ban Deadly_Omen's Punishment Appeal

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    Your IGN: Deadly_Omen

    Your Discord Tag: Omen#5649 or Deadly#9635

    Punishment Type: Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?: 29/09/19

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): Wished cancer upon someone, on skyblock I guess it just cause I raged due to the opposition killing me while I was typing. https://prnt.sc/pd2iaf

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): I feel very guilty for doing something so stupid, I've got to say soon as I had pressed enter, I knew there would be staff asking me why, I deserve an unban, because I love ByteMC, and I just had started to get back into it, as the new season for Prison started, I loved prison back in the day and I still love it, I think the prison community is lovely and I wouldn't trade anything for it in the world. it would mean the world to me for me to meet the community. Please ban be from the skyblock side of the server, but please don't ban me from prison, the community was there for me when I needed them the most and me being toxic yesterday and receiving this punishment has made me realise the real value of friendship. It isn't who you play with, its who entertains you and who's there when no one else is, ByteMC is a server for people who are just looking to hang out with people and have a fun time. and yesterday i didn't make it a fun time I had cursed cancer on someone, I promise I will not do it again as I've realised cancer isn't a joke, it isn't a disease that can be cured, its something that kills human lives everyday. Please by unbanning me I will be able to apologise to the community and the player who I was toxic against and I will NEVER EVER say anything to cause harm or make them feel sad about them self, or someone who they might know. If your still reading, you probably know English isn't my strong suit and I'm hoping I will be forgiven for my wrong deed and Once again I am deeply sorry for my actions and I will NEVER repeat them and I shall read all the rules there are
    Hi Omen!
    The staff team is currently reviewing your ban appeal and we will let you know when we have come to a conclusion.
    In the meantime to prevent unnecessary conversation this thread has been locked.

    Thanks in advance for your patience,
    ByteMC Owner
    Hi there, Deadly_Omen!

    Thanks again for your patience. The Senior Staff Team & I have come to the conclusion of reducing your punishment to 5 days, and any more toxicity we notice we will ban you permanently. I hope we made ourselves clear with this, and I hope you will take a moment when you get back on the server to read over the rules (I also encourage reading our Discord rules).

    ByteMC Owner
    Not open for further replies.