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  • Ban Ban appeal

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    Your IGN: djlw78

    Your Discord Tag: djlw78#8980

    Punishment Type: Permanent Ban

    When where you punished?: 19-09-30

    Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): Leaking private information http://prnt.sc/pd3662

    Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences): Before today, I told the owner and many other people my age, I don't see the real problem, here, I was simply banned for telling people my age, no warning, no mute, nothing. I believe it's on the person if they want to disclose that information, I don't see this as an issue in the likely hood that i'm only being punished for it now. There where multiple other people who also disclosed there age, I don't know of they got banned either but they were being sour to me. See the problem probably isn't that I was banned for disclosing my age, the probably probably was I was banned for fighting back. Now, imagine someone like me, in my shoes that is being punish for something they already have done multiple times, even in front of other staff and no one twitched about it. I would understand and accept my punishment if I was leaking information like, my phone number, my street address, my parent's names, my ex's name. Even then I still think it would be on that person if they disclose that information, I get if the staff are trying to protect you, that doesn't seem to be the case, here if I was being protected I would have been something less of muted, talked too or warned. today soul_fate in discord has ask me to be civil, because I called, getting banned like that without context pathetic, and, yes if it was or wasn't that remark still wasn't right by me. The worst part is, I have donated multiple times to this server for many little things, and to see all of that being stripped away kinda sucks. I believe we should all have a fair chance on this server, I don't really see why I am at fault here. I still think there needs to be a better system of protecting the users, if the staff are worried about personal information getting leaked, like a talk too, etc. It is unfortunate that I have told people my age multiple times on the server and am only now being punish that can be easily compared to you leaving your shoes around the house for months then you mom or dad finally picks a fight with you about putting them in a curtain place in the house. It doesn't feel good. Either way from this day out i'll mind my own business, i'll even take to being muted for an extended period of time, picking fights, and trying to win the age battle is a useless fight anyway.
    After having a brief conversation with Soul_Fate in private chat, I was banned for, leaking someone else information even tho I didn't know there age, never seen them before and had no way of actually knowing but it's still perceived as true. As a follow up to this, like minded the ban I got wasn't specifically noted otherwise this presentation would be different, if you want to real appeal that's fine. This whole situation annoys me, yeah maybe i was trying to piss a skid off, by telling them they were younger then what they were, heck they were probably closer to my age, if they are properly correcting my "your"|"you're" any who bad call on my part, I don't always think. Either way, I still think I should have been, warned, questioned, or something along those lines.
    Hi djlw78!
    The staff team is currently reviewing your ban appeal and we will let you know when we have come to a conclusion.
    In the meantime to prevent unnecessary conversation this thread has been locked.

    Thanks in advance for your patience,
    ByteMC Owner
    Hi djlw78,

    Thanks again for your patience. The Senior Staff Team & I have reached a conclusion, we will be accepting your ban appeal and reducing your ban to 1 day.

    ByteMC Owner
    Not open for further replies.