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    Skyblock Frequently Asked Questions - Skyblock

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    ByteMC Skyblock - Frequently asked questions:

    Alternate account information (Alts)

    How many Alts can I have? You may not use more than 20 Alternate (Alt) accounts and you may NOT use alts to boost your main account (Includings transferring money and things such as vote crates!). We also do NOT allow bot[ing] clients/ services! You may only run up to how many minecraft accounts your PC permit/ can handle! (For example mine only allows me to have 3 alts on before they start lagging! Do not bypass this by hiring a service which AFKs them for you! Using other PCs, laptops or mobile devices in your house is allowed, providing it’s not over the 20 Alt limit!)


    To get started with an island do /is and then click " is : home " . This will start you off!

    Need to return home? /is go has you covered

    Want to gain more control over what people can do on your island? /is setting will help you out!

    Want to start moving up the leaderboards? /is level will give your island worth based on every sellable item and block on the island!

    Can I invite my friend on my island? Do /is invite [ign]

    -It says they can’t join? They must make sure they are not already in an island!

    -How do they (or I) leave an island? /is leave

    -It says the can’t leave the island? They must /is delete (Twice) if they are the island owner!

    -Doesn’t work? In this case you must promote someone else to island leader can be done by …/is makeleader [ign]

    -How do I remove someone from my island? /is kick [ign]

    -But I see people with more than 10 people? They use the command /is coop [ign] ,this allows the cooped player to have full access to the island. Until they log out

    -How can I uncoop someone? /is uncoop [ign] or relog (Also once you or they log out it automatically takes the coop away)

    I want to restart my island, how? /is reset

    How can I check whos on my island? /is and click “ IS: Members” or /is team

    Wanna talk privately to your island teammates? /is tc will put you into a private chat with them! (Same command to get out)

    How do I keep people off my island? /is lock will keep them out! (Same command to unlock)

    How do I allow people onto my island? Make sure your island isn’t locked and then place a sign down (Where you want them to teleport to) and write “ [welcome] “ on the top line.

    How does someone come to my island, now that I have a sign? They can do /is warp [ign]

    I want to keep my island open but I don’t want someone to come onto it, can I ban them? You can do /is expel [ign] (This will only kick them, they can come back) and if you want to ban them use /is ban [ign]

    -How do unban someone from my island? /is unban [ign]

    -Who is banned from my island? /is banlist

    Can I check my island worth? /is worth

    What is island worth? Island worth adds up the price of everything which has a value on your island! This includes spawners, however items such as; dragon eggs, beacons and sponge do not increase island worth. They only increase island level! (Read below to see how island level works!)

    Can I check someone else island worth? /is worth [ign]

    How do I update my island worth after placing my spawners? /is worth doesn’t increase it To increase your island worth and level you use the same command /is level

    How many people can I have on an island? 10 including you!

    Can I change my island biome? Yes you can through /is biomes

    Who is number one? You can do /is top for the top ten island!

    How do I increase my island level? /is level

    How does island level work? It goes by all blocks which has a point value on your island and adds it all up. For example beacons are worth 2000points!


    What is “Tinker”? It is a plugin which allows you to trade equipment for XP! Read below to learn how!

    What can I do with all my junk equipment/ How do I use Tinker? /tinker and place all the equipment you want to trade in the pop up screen then confirm trade and collected your XP! (Amour, tools and weapons only)

    What can I do with unwanted custom enchantment books? You can also use tinker to trade unwanted books for “magic dust” which will randomly give you a 1-3% chance addon or deduction for success or destroy rates which can be used on different custom enchantment books!


    What is an Envoy event? Envoy is pvp based event at /warp pvp where it's a mass brawl for loot crates that spawn around!

    What is KOTH? KOTH is a pvp event that happens at /warp KOTH and you must stay in the selected area for 10 Mins. Only teams of if stated by a staff member! Otherwise it is solos!

    Where can I pvp others at anytime? ./warp pvp


    Where can I get custom enchantments? /ce or /enchanter

    What is enchanter? It is a plugin which allows players to trade their XP into custom enchantment books, with there being fourth different tiers to buy from

    Where can I see what the custom enchantments are? Do /ce then by clicking "Enchantment info" will allow players to look at all enchantments they can get (Note you can not buy a single enchantment! It's all a random chance!)

    Want to upgrade two of the same level books (Custom enchantment books)? Do /blacksmith and add two books of the same level to upgrade them!

    What does a white scroll do? The white scroll (Found on the bottom right) protects the item from being destroyed while adding a custom book

    What is a black scroll? Black scroll allows a player to remove a custom enchant from their item

    What is a protection crystal? The protection crystal gives players a chance of getting their item back upon their death

    What is a scrambling rune? Scrambling rune allows the player to re-roll their chances on the book (Success and destroy rates)

    Spawner questions:

    What is the best spawner? Silverfish is the best spawn, as silverfish drops diamond. Second best is a witch spawner, as they drop emeralds.

    Which spawner should I start with? It’s best to start with a skeleton spawner, then work your way up to an Enderman spawner. From there go high and go big for witches, iron golems or silverfish!

    How can I get spawners? You can acquire them from three different ways: /shop (Donator shop sell silverfish spawners for a discounted price compared with normal shop price!, creates at /warp crates and buying them from other players!

    Mobcoin questions:

    What is a mobcoin? It is a currency which is collected by killing mobs, which can be spend/traded for items in /mobcoins

    Where do I get mobcoins? You get them from killing five mob types: Zombies, Skeletons and blazes all have a 5% chance of dropping a mobcoin and the other two are: Creepers and Edermen, which have an 8% chance of dropping a mobcoin.

    Where can I farm mobcoins? We do not have a set area for this, you must create or use a player made one. On an island

    How can I see how many mob coins I have? Do /mobcoins and in the bottom left it will tell you (The sunflower)

    What can I buy with mobcoins? For a full list do /mobcoins


    Where can I sell my items to other players quickly? Simply do ./ah sell [price] with the item you wish to sell in hand and other players can buy it by doing /ah

    Join the servers discord to never miss out on any future events or giveaways! /links !

    Don’t forget you can vote four times daily for amazing rewards! /vote !

    What is a sell stick and what does it do? A sellstick is used so that when you right-click a chest that you own, all the sellable contents will be sold

    How do I join the website? Go to bytemc.net and click the Register button (Or log in if you already have an account). Fill in your User & Password then confirm your email. Finally, click Join website

    Take advantage of the 30% Sale in the Store! Via /buy While it's still here! (Be sure to keep up to date on the sale!)

    Where can I get drugs? /drugs

    -What do drugs do? Drugs give you a unique effect with each one giving a different effect

    -Can I make or grow drugs? No, you can only get them through /drugs

    How do I report a bug? Go onto our discord (Via /links) then navigate to “ bot-commands“ and type “-new [Your bug or problem] . This will open a new section in our discord which you can access (The name will be “Ticket-[numbers]). Once this is done, a staff member will be in contact with you shortly (Via the ticket)
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