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Your IGN: DeadMaN920

Your Discord Tag: Tomer#9830

Punishment Type: Permanently banned

When were you punished?: 08/10/2019

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
A. turned on a bind for a few minutes because I had to do something, I had no idea it is considered hacking, I checked all rule pages and didn't see anything about scripts so I thought it is okay.
B. I always report bugs and don't abuse them, I am an active and friendly player, always helping to other players and I don't have any "enemies" on the server.
C. I am sorry that I used the key bind, I should have asked before if it's okay to use them in the server. I wont do anything like it again, without asking an admin or other staff member if it is accepted in the server or not.


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Hi DeadMaN920!
Thanks for appealing. The ByteMC Staff Team is looking into your appeal and we will let you know when we have made a decision.

Thanks for your patience,
ByteMC Owner


Hello DeadMaN920!
After discussing your ban between myself and the staff team, we have come to the outcome your ban will be reduced to 3 days (16/10/2019). However if you are found in the future to being using cheats then your ban will become permanent. I would highly recommend you delete any form of hacks or auto clicking script you have. If you're unsure what is classed as a hack then please ask a staff member.

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