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    Prison Frequently Asked Questions - Prison

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    Basic questions:
    How do I start? Do /vote for awesome rewards and /warp a to get started!
    Do you have a discord? Indeed we do /links or http://bit.ly/2lXiwt5
    How does auction house (or ah) work? You can sell or buy items from /ah. To sell items do /ah sell [price] with the item in your hand.
    How do I fix my pickaxe? ./spawn and look ahead. There is a repair sign. (Donor rank+ have access to /fix)
    Do you have youtubers? Indeed! /youtubers for a list!
    Pickaxe questions:
    How do I get a better pickaxe? - You can acquire one through; /buy , crates or a player selling one.
    How does a pickaxe level up? - Your pickaxe will level up with the amount of blocks you have mined with it.
    What does levelling my pickaxe do? - I will add one level to Efficiency, Fortune and Unbreaking.
    How do I upgrade my pickaxe? - /token shop.
    Custom Enchantments:
    What does LuckyMiner do? - When you are mining you have a chance of getting tokens, bombs and keys! The higher the level the better the reward, max level is three. (Pickaxe enchant)
    What does Explosion do? - Explosion will occasionally set off little explosion [3x3 block area] when you are mining and puts the blocks it breaks into your inventory. This is recommended to be the first enchantment you get. Max level is ten. (pickaxe enchant)
    What does Haste do? - Haste will increase the speed of which you mine blocks. Max level is five. (Pickaxe enchant)
    What does Experience do? - Experience will give you an xp level after you have mined a certain amount of blocks. Max level for experience is three, each will increase the amount of xp you get. (Pickaxe enchant)
    What does Speed do? - Increases your movement speed while holding the item (Max level is two [pickaxe enchant]
    What does VeinMiner do? - Veinminer breaks extra blocks with every block broken. For example level one breaks two blocks for every one block broken! Level two breaks three blocks for every one broken! (Max level is two [pickaxe enchant])
    What does Slowness do? - Slowness has a chance of giving your enemy slowness for a period of time allowing you to run away and heal if you need to. (Sword enchant)
    What does Beheading do? - Beheading has a chance of giving you the head of your enemy. Max level for beheading is level three. (Sword enchant)
    What does Blindness do? - Blindness has a chance of blinding your enemy for a short period of time. Max level for blindness is level three. (Sword enchant)
    What does Poison do? - Poison has a chance of giving your enemy poison for a short period of time. Max level for poison is level three. (Sword enchant)
    How do drugs work? You can buy them through /drugs buy .With each drug giving unique effects.
    How do you grow weed? You place the weed seeds on a block of grass (On a plot you have access to) and then just wait!
    How long does it take to grow? Weed takes one hour to grow. However this can be sped up by using fertilizer! Can be acquired via /token shop.
    How do I get drugs? /drugs buy
    How do I sell drugs? /drugs sell
    How much is a single weed worth and how much is a full plot level worth? A single weed is sold for 2.2mil and a full plot level is sold for almost 28bil!
    How do I get seeds? /kit seeds (Almost 900 every hour; seeds can not be sold)
    Sell sticks:
    What does a sellstick do/ What is a sell stick? A sellstick is used so that when you right-click a chest that you own, all the sellable contents will be sold.
    PvP questions:
    -What is a brawl? Brawls are a PvP event where 4 players fight to the death. With winner takes all. There is one diamond sword in the centre, which can help but it also makes you a target from other players.
    -What is KOTH? KOTH is a PvP based event which requires you to hold a zone for a time limit to receive great rewards! Takes place at /warp pvp.
    -What is a duel? A duel is a 1v1 PvP gamemode, which can be accessed by /duel [ign] Then you pick the setting for the fight.
    -What is Purge? Purge is a massive PvP based event which takes place in the plot world! Where players could fight to the death in the plot world for a limited time!
    -Where can I PvP? ./duel , /brawl ,/warp pvp/KOTH, purge, /warp mobs (only in the back), /warp pvpmine.
    Casino based questions:
    What is RPS? Rock, paper, scissors
    How do I start a RPS? /rps [amount]
    Any other cool games like that? /casino
    What is casino? It’s a hub for our 4 mini games. /bar , /cf , /rps and /lot
    What is CF? CF stands for Coin Flip.
    How do I start a coin flip? /cf [amount] [heads or tails]
    How does it work? Once you pick an amount and a side. It will automatically flip a coin with a 50/50 chance of winning, if someone else joins the /cf
    What is /bar? A fun mini game which allows you to buy drinks, which have a 50/50 chance of making double your money once drunk!
    What is lottery? A feature which allows players to put money into a pot, with the winner taking all. Can be joined by /lot buy [amount]
    How do I join lot? /lot buy [amount] Max amount is 12 tickets per account for each lottery.
    Token questions:
    What is a Byte token? A Byte token is a form of currency used to purchase upgrades and other items via /token shop
    How do I use a token? - Right click to redeem it then /token shop to spend them!
    How do I check my token balance? ./token bal
    How do I get tokens? Via voting (/vote), mining lucky blocks, reaction rewards, mining milestones, 50 xp levels for one token via /token trade. /buy, buying from players and from the custom enchantment lucky miner.
    What is a lucky block? It’s a sponge block which when broken has a random chance of: Tokens, bombs or money (Can take money)
    Max token price? 2bil is the max price!
    Plot questions:
    How do I make a plot? /warp plots then /p a
    How I get back to my plot? /p h
    How do I make a plot shop? Place a chest (trap or not) then shift click a sign on it and write the following with the correct information
    IGN - Your username
    AMOUNT -Amount of items you want to sell or buy
    S OR B PRICE -S is for sell (Players sell to you) B is for buy (Players buy from you). Then price
    ITEM Do /iteminfo and put in the small code, such as 79#xk
    How to visit someone's plot? /p h [ign]
    How can I rename my plot? /p s a [name]
    How do I add someone to my plot? /p add [ign] to allow them to build while you’re online and /p trust [ign]. Allows them to build all the time!
    Autominer questions:
    What is auto miner? Auto miner allows you to collect money via mining, while you’re AFK! /am
    How do I leave auto miner? /am leave
    Why can’t I join autominer? You need to be J+ to join autominer
    Parkour questions:
    How I get to parkour? ./warp parkour
    How do I leave parkour? ./parkour leave
    Do I get anything for completing the parkour? - no
    What is a parkour event? - A Parkour event is a race through a costume parkour course at /warp parkourevent. The first 3 players to the finish wins big rewards. Anyone after them will get a small reward. (Limited time event, /warp is not always available)
    Website and forum questions:
    How do I join the website? Go to bytemc.net and click the Register button (Or log in if you already have an account). Fill in your User & Password then confirm your email. Finally, click Join website
    How do I make a post on the forums? Go to http://www.bytemc.net ,click forums. Click the sub-category you want. Then “New thread” (If they say they can't, then ask if they are registered. Also check the sub-category they are trying to post on)
    How do I go to the website? /links or http://www.bytemc.net
    Mobdust questions:
    What is mobdust? Mob dust is a currency collected by killing mobs in /warp mobs and spent is /dustshop
    How do I get mobdust? Killing mobs in /warp mobs
    Where can I spend mobdust? /dustshop
    Alternate account information (alts)
    How many Alts can I have? You may not use more than 5 Alternate (Alt) accounts and you may NOT use alts to boost your main account (Including transferring money and things such as vote crates!). We also do NOT allow bot[ing] clients/ services! You may only run up to how many Minecraft accounts your PC permit/ can handle! (For example mine only allows me to have 3 alts on before they start lagging! Do not bypass this by hiring a service which AFKs them for you! Using other PCs, laptops or mobile devices in your house is allowed, providing it’s not over the 5 Alt limit!)
    How do I report a bug? Go onto our discord (Via /links) then navigate to “ bot-commands “ and type “-new [Your bug or problem] . This will open a new section in our discord which you can access (The name will be “Ticket-[numbers]). Once this is done, a staff member will be in contact with you shortly (Via the ticket)
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