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Your IGN: AyyPanda

Your Discord Tag: AyyPanda#9249

Punishment Type: Perm ban on server and discord.

When were you punished?: October and around march.

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least three sentences):
I deserve to be unbanned from the ByteMC discord for reasons that I am willing to discuss with other members. The first reason I should be unbanned from the ByteMC discord is because I have learned my lesson from my punishment. After months of thinking, I've finally realized that my punishment is fair and I actually deserved to be punished in this situation. I tried to apply for builder for this server, I got images from google claiming that they were my builds, this, however, was a lie and I totally regret lying to the ByteMC staff team now. I hope that I can continue old friendships that I had with staff members before this incident as well. I promise to never lie to staff members or any fellow members again. I actually feel really bad about lying to people who were once my friends. A lot has gone on since my return to ByteMC last weekend, from the ROAR1432 incident who was on my IP to me being very rude to other members this is extremely and absolutely wrong of me. At the time of this post, I promise to all the staff members and all my fellow members at ByteMC that I will never be like this to other players again. I should of been punished more than I was, I am very grateful to HomeGoods who only banned me for 12 hours for being rude last weekend. I have learned my lesson from this as well and I will never be rude again. On October fifth, two thousand nineteen I will be professional, helpful, and kind to all fellow members and I promise to be respectful to all staff members of ByteMC. I deserve to be unbanned because when I first joined ByteMC I was an amazing person and now starting today I'm going to be that person again and I will leave the old toxic self of me behind. I will become the AyyPanda that we all knew and loved in 2017, 2018. These are the reasons I deserve to be unbanned from the ByteMC discord server.

My in-game appeal:

So... I got banned from the server for making my appeal last time. I think it was due to the fact that since I had this kid in my apartment who got all of us banned because we were all on the apartment wifi, we were all on the same IP. I think that's why I got banned on the server. However, I can confirm that he has moved away and I am the only one who is interested in Minecraft still. This is why I'm making an appeal to try to get unbanned on both platforms. Also, I have been dreaming to become a ByteMC staff member for soo long, for years. I've never been able to become a staff member. These are the reasons I think I should be unbanned from both platforms, thank you for taking your time to read my appeal.
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