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ByteMC is a Minecraft Prison server bringing more to the prison atmosphere than any other prison server you have ever seen before. With more game features and events to add to the overall player experience.

Some of the following features are unique to the ByteMC server:

  • More than just mining to gain tokens and rewards, including fishing as a main way to receive more tokens and rewards.
  • Gang top bi-weekly payouts.
  • Dungeons that will give you ultra rare enchantments that you may only get by completing a dungeon.
  • GangWars - A more competitive way to challenge gangs for gang-top.
  • 25+ Custom Enchants.
  • Riot Event that will take place at /warp PVP.
  • Gang Factories that will help a gang that will give you a chance to get gang blocks and earn a lot of GEXP.
  • Gang Mines that are incorporated into your gang-cell.

General Information

Server Information

To log onto ByteMC, you may use any version between 1.8.9-1.16.2, however the recommended version is 1.12.2 or 1.8.9. The server is running on 1.12.2, so for the most optimal experience we recommend using 1.12.2. However, for the most optimal PvP experience, we recommend 1.8.9 since the PvP mechanics in this version are the best for the experience.

Once you log onto your Minecraft client, or any other supported PvP Clients (Laby Mod, Badlion Client, Club Client, Lunar Client), you will want to go to the multiplayer tab and select “Add Server” and the title for the server is “ByteMC” and the server IP is:

Once you log onto the server, you will be sent to a little hub in which you will select to join the Prison Server. To select the Prison Server, you will click the nether star and press the Terabyte Prison icon!

General Commands

  • /warp - opens a menu containing general and mine warps
  • /help - opens a menu that contains information such as how to play, rules, warps, rank progressions, and gang teams.
  • /spawn - teleports you back to spawn
  • /msg - allows you to privately message other players
  • /report - allows you to make a report on bugs and other players (be serious, as we don’t allow false reports)
  • /gang - opens the gang menu (see Gangs)
  • /kits - opens the kits menu, where you can see all the kits you can get
  • /am - opens autominer (see AutoMiner)
  • /website - gives you the link to our website
  • /buy - gives you the link to our store
  • /discord - gives you the link to the discord
  • /rankup - moves you to the next available rank
  • /max prestige - allows you to prestige as much as you can

Spawn Information

Here’s a list of amenities you can find around spawn:

  • Fishing Shop
  • Crates
  • Gang Top Rewards
  • Gangs NPC
  • Help NPC
  • Pickaxe Rewards


  • /kit food - gives you 64 steak
  • /kit member - gives you a member pickaxe and a member fishing rod.
  • /kit pvp - gives you diamond armor, a diamond pickaxe, and an enchanted golden apple.
  • /kit Sailor - You must have the rank Sailor or above to claim
  • /kit Seadog - You must have the rank Seadog or above to claim
  • /kit Captain - You must have the rank Captain or above to claim
  • /kit Lusca - You must have the rank Lusca or above to claim
  • /kit Kraken - You must have the rank Kraken or above to claim
  • /kit Poseidon - You must have the rank Poseidon or above to claim
  • /kit Megalodon - You must have the rank Megalodon to claim


Types of Mines

We offer 6 different types of mines for our players to explore and mine in! These include:

  • A-Z Mines
  • Prestige Mines
  • Donator Mines
  • Gang Mines
  • PvP Mines
  • Private Mines

A-Z Mines

A-Z Mines are the first mines you will encounter. As you rank up, more expensive ores will begin to appear within the mine. As you rank up through the 26 mines, you will begin to experience longer times within a certain rank. Don’t worry, it was designed this way. A to B will always be cheaper than Y to Z. Therefore, as you reach the latter part of the first 26 ranks, you will begin to see difficulty ranking up. You can get to these mines by using /warp (letter).

Prestige Mines

A player can reach prestige mines after completing rank Z. There are 11 prestige ranks complete. To access the first prestige mine, you must complete 25,000 prestige. These mines will be loaded with valuable ores to mine! However, it may take you a very long time to reach the next prestige mines. To access these mines, you must be P25,000 or higher. Do /warp p(your prestige).

Prestige 50,000 Mine

Donator Mines

Donator Mines are exclusive to players who have purchased ranks. These mines are a lot bigger than the A-Z Mines and the Prestige Mine.

The warps for these mines are:

  • /warp Sailor
  • /warp Seadog
  • /warp Captain
  • /warp Kraken
  • /warp Lusca
  • /warp Poseidon
  • /warp Megalodon

Seadog Mine

Gang Mines

Gang Mines are private, upgradable mines within your gang cell. The ores within these mines will sell for considerably less, but you will be given the chance to find “Gang Blocks”. This mine can only be accessed by you and gang members within your gang. You can get to this mine (your gang cell) by using /gang mine.  Custom enchants that impact mining are disabled in this mine.

PVP Mine

The PvP mine is filled with valuable ores and blocks! However, you not only have to worry about other players killing you but a boss may spawn on top of the mine. To get to this mine, type /warp pvp and head west. Make sure you come with a weapon and some armor!

Private Mines

Private mines are mines purchasable on the ByteMC store. The two types are as follows:

  • Super Lucky Block Private Mine
  • Upgradable Block Private Mine

Each of the mines are unique - one being filled with super lucky blocks, and one being a generic mine that can be upgraded to have higher quality blocks.  These mines are completely private to you - meaning you can mine alone, no distractions!  You are also able to invite your friends to come with you.  All the blocks in both mines are upgradable.


Need to leave your computer? AutoMiner has you covered. AutoMiner is exactly how it sounds- it mines automatically for you! All you need to do is spawn it in and sit back while it mines away for you. You can also earn money, tokens, and even crate keys!

How to Use it

In order to use the AutoMiner, you must get AutoMiner time. AutoMiner time is how much time your AutoMiner can be spawned. You can receive this time by opening crates or purchasing it from our store!

To begin using autominer, type /am. This will bring you to the AutoMiner menu. To begin mining, press your skull in the middle of the menu. While your AutoMiner is spawned, you cannot leave spawn, open crates, or mine.

If you want to upgrade your AutoMiner, press the (?) to your left. You can upgrade how much money you can earn, tokens you can earn, and crate keys you can earn.

If you want to collect your rewards from AutoMiner, you must despawn it. To do this, click your skull in the middle of the menu for the second time. Next, click the paper to your right. Here, you can collect all the tokens, crate keys, and money you have earned!

Prestige Top

Prestige top is a ranking of people with the highest level of prestige.  The top three players will receive their choice of money on paypal or a ByteMC store gift card.


There are 25+ unique enchants to the ByteMC server. Here are each of the enchants we offer:

  • Efficiency - Increases the speed at which you break a block.
  • Unbreaking - Prevents your pickaxe from taking damage.
  • Fortune - Increases the amount of drops you get per block.
  • Lucky Mining - Gives you a higher chance to earn keys while mining.
  • Token Greed - Gives you a chance to find higher amounts of tokens.
  • Turbo - Increases you sell price as you rank up.
  • Lightning - Lightning strikes and breaks blocks around you.
  • Speed - Gives you a permanent speed boost when the tool is in hand.
  • Night Vision - Gives you permanent night vision when the tool is in hand.
  • Jump - Gives you a permanent jump boost when the tool is in hand.
  • Repair - Repairs your pickaxe over time when mining.
  • Key Thief - Increases the amount of keys you get from Lucky Mining.
  • Explosion - Explode blocks around you while mining.
  • Heist - Gives you a chance to find massive patches of tokens while mining.
  • Clearer - Gives you a chance to clear whole layers of a mine.
  • FireStorm - Fireballs rain down and break blocks around you.
  • EndStorm - An Ender Dragon spawns and will spawn fireballs to break blocks around you.
  • Gang Funds - Receive Gang Tokens every 500 blocks you mine.
  • Joyful - Gives a chance to spawn a joyful lucky chest while mining.
  • Multi-Millionaire - Gives a chance to find a BuyCraft voucher while mining.
  • Boost Club - Gives a chance to activate server-wide sell boosters.

Enchantment Menu

To access the enchantment menu, simply right click your pickaxe while it is in your hand. Here, you can see four different icons where you can add enchantments to your pickaxe (both custom and not), remove enchantments, repair your pickaxe, and add crystals to your pickaxe.

Adding Enchants

In order to enchant your pickaxe, you must right click it while it is in your hand. A menu will open with four different options. Press the enchanted book icon. A new menu will pop up, with all the enchants you can get.

You will need a certain amount of tokens to upgrade each enchant. If you have enough tokens, you can either left click to level the enchant up once or right click to level the enchant ten times. Once you upgrade the enchants, they will be applied to your pickaxe.

Removing Enchants

To remove an enchant, you will need to right click your pickaxe while it is in your hand. A menu will open with four different options. Press the redstone icon. A new menu will pop up, with all the enchants you can remove.

Choose the enchant you want to remove. You can left click it to remove one level of the enchant or right click to remove ten levels of the enchant. Once you remove an enchant, you will get the tokens you paid for it back.

Repairing Your Pickaxe

To repair your pickaxe, you will need to right click your pickaxe while it is in your hand. A menu will open with four different options. Press the anvil option. If you have enough tokens, then your pickaxe will be repaired. Keep in mind, you must have enough tokens in order to repair your pickaxe!


Crystals are special boosters for a pickaxe obtainable only from crates.  They give you specific buffs while mining.  These buffs can be found below:

  • Token Boost
  • Money Boost
  • XP Boost

These boosts come in varying percentages, ranging from 150% to 200% boosts.


Fishing Introduction

Fishing is one of the three ways to earn currency to rank-up and move throughout the game. When you fish, you will immediately get an award as soon as your fishing line hits the water. The rewards can be points, dollars, or fish.

During the Biggest Catch Event (view events), you can sell the fish to the fishing NPC just south of spawn. You can get to this area by typing /warp fishing.


There are three main commands you can use for fishing:

  • /fishing toggle - toggles whether or not you receive fishing reward messages
  • /fishing shop - sell fish you catch during The Biggest Catch event
  • /fishing join - join The Biggest Catch event


The main reward you will earn from fishing are points. These points can be used at /point shop (view In-Game Shops). However, you can earn small bits of tokens and money while you fish. You can spam your fishing rod and let the rewards roll in!


There are three different types of currencies on ByteMC: money, tokens, and points. Each of these can help you rankup, buy cosmetics, and help you get better enchants on your pickaxe! You can get more currency the more you mine and fish!


Money is the main currency on ByteMC. You can earn money through Byte Bombs, opening crates, mining, and fishing. Money is used to rankup and purchase items from /shop (view In-Game Shops).


Tokens can be earned by using Byte Bombs, opening crates, and fishing. Tokens are used to upgrade or add enchantments to your pickaxe and to repair your pickaxe.


Points are earned by fishing. Points can be used in /point shop, where you can buy boosters, tokens, and so much more!

In-Game Shops

In-Game Shops are a great way to purchase items from our NPCs or from other players!

Auction House

To open the auction house menu, type /ah in chat. You will be brought to a menu where you can view the auction house!

You can click the book to view auctions from other players. Here, you can bid on those items. Remember, you must have enough money to bid!

You can click on the top chest to browse the different categories. These will sort you through the items you can bid on.

You can click on the paper to view the items you bid on. Here, you can see if you are the top bidder or if you have been outbid on items!

You can click on your head to view your auctions.

You can click the bottom chest to view the items you have won from previous auctions.

You can click the ender chest to view auctions that have expired.

To start an auction, hold the item you want to auction off in your hand. Then, type /auc start (quantity) (start price) (increment) (time in seconds)


In chat, you can type /shop. It’ll open a menu with seven different shops you can purchase from.

  • Blocks
  • Food
  • Clay
  • Dyes
  • Combat Supplies
  • Glass
  • Wool

Point Shop

You can access the point shop by typing /point shop. You earn points by fishing (view Fishing for more information).


There is a lot to experience within gangs. We offer factories, gang mines, gang wars, and so much more to explore! You can even win PayPal money or gift cards… you really do not want to miss out on this aspect of ByteMC!

How to Create/Join a Gang

If you want to create a gang, simply type /gang create (name) in chat. Your gang name must be under twelve characters. Gang leaders may also apply to have a gang leader role within the discord. Being a gang leader means being responsible for those within your gang and controlling your gang!

If you want to join a gang, you will need to be invited. After you have been invited to a gang, type /gang join (name of gang) in chat. You will be able to participate in any activities the gang goes through! You will also be able to contribute to your gang ranking.

Basic Commands

  • /gang chat - allows you to privately chat with gang members
  • /gang house - sends you to your gang home
  • /gang join (gang) - allows you to join another gang when invited
  • /gang menu or /gang - opens the gang menu

Gang Leader Commands

  • /gang invite - invite a player to your gang
  • /gang disband - disband your gang
  • /gang setleader <member> - sets a new leader for the gang (there can only be one leader, so be careful who you choose!)
  • /gang promote <member> - promotes a member within your gang; there are two promotions available: admin and officer
  • /gang demote <member> - demotes a member within your gang
  • /gang kick <member> - kicks a member out of the gang-- they can only join back when reinvited.

Gang Roles

Each member of your gang will receive a special role. This is their part and position within the gang.

  • Member Role - this is the default position, everyone who joins the gang will begin as this role
  • Officer Role - officers can invite and kick members on and off the gang
  • Admin Role - admins have the same permissions as officers, but they can upgrade their Gang.
  • Leader Role - there cannot be more than one leader; the leader has all the permissions an admin does, but they can also disband the Gang.

Gang Home and Mine

To access your gang home, type /gang house. This is a private plot that only you and your gang have access to. Any member in your gang can build and alter the home.

There is also a mine inside, exclusive to only you and your gang members. Items here sell for considerably less, but you have a chance to find gang blocks, which give you gang experience!


Gang Factories are another way to progress while being away from your computer, similar to the AutoMiner. However, over time you are able to earn gang points. To keep the factories going, you must pay a rent on them. The more you upgrade your factory, the more points you can earn.

Gang Experience

Gang experience is how you upgrade your gang and grow your gang. You can earn gang experience by mining gang blocks (slimes, lanterns, and prismarine blocks). During the Riot Event (view Events), you earn double GEXP.

Gang Upgrades

Gang upgrades allow your gang to grow and move through the leaderboards. To earn enough gang experience, you must work together as a team!

There are five updates available, listed below. However, only admins and gang leaders may upgrade these.

  • Storage - upgrading the storage will allow you to add more blocks to your storage. More blocks means more gang points!
  • Sell Multiplier - upgrading your gang’s sell multiplier allows you to earn more profit from selling blocks
  • Gang Mine - upgrading your gang mine results in more valuable blocks spawning
  • Gang Members - upgrading your gang members allows you to invite more members to your gang
  • Gang Block - upgrading your gang block increases the spawn rate of gang blocks within your gang mine.

Top Gang Rewards

For the gang with the most gang points, we offer monthly gang payouts! The payouts are listed below:

1st Place: $250 PayPal / $500 GiftCard

2nd Place: $100 PayPal / $200 GiftCard

3rd Place: $75 PayPal / $125 GiftCard

4th Place: $75 GiftCard

5th Place: $50 GiftCard


Key Lockers

Key Lockers are an easy way to store your keys. It’s like a backpack, exclusively for your keys! Keys that you collect while mining will automatically accumulate within the locker.

You can open your keys through the key locker. You can right click it and press the type of key you want to open. You will be brought to the crate menu.

You can earn higher tier Key Lockers through crates. If you have nine of the same Key Locker, you can put them in a crafting table to craft an upgraded one!
Upgraded Key Lockers have more available slots for keys.

How To Use Crates

There are two ways to use crates - virtually, in the key locker, OR physically, at /warp crates.

To use a virtual crate, you have to have a key in the key locker.  To use this key, you simply just have to click on the corresponding chest, labeled “Open x Chest.”  This will present you with a GUI of either 1 reward or 9 (depending on how many keys are in your locker).  You are able to either accept the rewards you have been presented with, or choose to respin the rewards.

Types of Crates

There are seven types of crates, listed below.

  • Mine
  • Rare
  • Terabyte
  • Voting
  • Oceanic
  • Submersal
  • Monthly


Dungeons can be accessed by portals that randomly spawn when a mine resets. Only one player can enter the portal, then the dungeon is closed. When a portal spawns, it will be announced as long as what mine it is located in.

If you wish to quit a dungeon, simply type /quit.


The parkour dungeon presents you with a parkour that you must complete within 15 minutes to claim a reward.


The maze dungeon spawns one randomly generated maze that you have 15 minutes to complete.

Boss Arena

The boss arena dungeon spawns you into a dungeon where you will battle multiple mobs. If you survive and defeat these mobs, a boss called the “Warden” will spawn. If you defeat this boss, you will complete the dungeon.

Finishing a Dungeon

Once you complete a dungeon, you are given one crate that gives you special, high quality rewards.  This crate acts as a normal crate, allowing you to reroll the rewards one time before claiming them.


The Biggest Catch Event

The Biggest Catch Event is an optional, periodic event that allows you to fish for actual fish in the typical minecraft fashion (cast the rod and wait for a fish to hook).  The event lasts for 10 minutes, and is announced in chat before.  These fish can be sold at the Fishing Shop at /warp fishing.  The fish come with different sizes and as different species.

The Riot Event

This is an event for you and your gang! The Riot Event takes place at a mine, with PvP enabled. Players and your Gang members will try to mine the most blocks without getting killed!

Every death of a member in your gang will result in losing half of the experience you have collected. Every kill your gang acquires will result in gaining half of the experience the other gang has.

If you wish to leave the battle, you must run out of the gang mine with all of your acquired GEXP. The GEXP will be added to the Gang’s total GEXP.


How to Donate

If you would like to buy ranks or other cosmetics, visit . Once connected to the website, you will see an icon in the top half that will tell you whether or not you are logged in.

If this icon says you are unlogged, press it. You will be taken to a page where you asked to enter your username. Enter your username correctly and case sensitive into the text box provided. When you have entered your username, press “continue”. This should connect you.

To check if you are connected or see if you have successfully entered the right username, you should see your skin next to “connected as (username)”.

Once you have chosen your package, simply add it to your cart! If you wish to buy it for someone else, press the blue “Gift this Package” button. You will be asked to enter their username; make sure you type it out correctly! Once you have added the items you wish to purchase to your cart, simply check out!